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  • Radical Change in Corporate IT

    Your Journey Starts Here

    Learn how to radically improve corporate IT's effectiveness and speed

  • Radical Change in Corporate IT

    Untold Secrets About Corporate IT

    Your journey begins by learning important and rarely told facts about corporate IT

  • Is Ths For You?

    Radical Change in Corporate IT

    Is this Journey for You?

    There's no techie stuff here. This is for non-IT leaders

  • Radical Change in Corporate IT

    Assets, What Assets?

    Learn How Digital Systems Built With Pharaonic Investments Are Treated as Expenses

  • Radical Change in Corporate IT

    Estimation Deficit Disorder

    Learn why the estimation practice of corporate IT is chronically un-managed

  • Radical Change in Corporate IT

    The Corporate IT Quality Gap

    Discover the structural barriers to end-to-end quality for corporate IT

  • Radical Change in Corporate IT

    More Silos On the Horizon

    Learn the 3 types of IT silos that your enterprise must deal with

  • Radical Change in Corporate IT

    The No Speed Corporate IT

    Why speed of the corporate IT function cannot be improved, as it is not defined, let alone measured

  • Radical Change in Corporate IT

    Removing Confusion About Agility and Adaptability

    The current Agile™ methods do not guarantee business agility, nor adaptability

  • Radical Change in Corporate IT

    The True Nature of the Technical Debt

    Learn that the technical debt is in fact a business debt for which you are the lender, the debtor, and can never pay back

  • Radical Change in Corporate IT

    Corporate IT, a Factory for Unwanted Complexity

    Lear how the typical engagement model of the IT function systematically creates unwanted complexity that slows your business

  • Radical Change in Corporate IT

    Digital Solutions Can Always Be Made to Work

    Digital solutions are software-based and there are many ways to make things work. But they are not all equal

  • Radical Change in Corporate IT

    Corporate IT Is a Twin-Brain Function

    Understanding Corporate IT's Dual Personalities

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What Is the "New" Age of Corporate IT?

"It is a model where the center of gravity has shifted toward those that need information and its underlying technologies, not those that provide it."

"Don’t’ ask your corporate IT to fix it. They are stuck in the current model."

"Change the game, not the players. And don’t delegate the task to people that are right in the middle of the field."