Session 4

Conflicts of Interest in Corporate IT

In many other fields, such as finance, law or in the construction industry, the relationships between the parties are structured in such a way to protect customers, users, or the public in general from injudicious behaviors. Unfortunately, your corporate IT teams operate in a world that has not yet benefited from the many industry-wide legal frameworks found in other fields. Standards abound, but the enforcement of their use is scarce at best. In many areas, it’s the Wild West. As such, basic segregations of duties are not effectively in force.

You will learn:

• That the way roles are spread in your IT organization leads to conflicts of interest that would be unacceptable —when not squarely illegal— in other fields of work.
• That the single-counter IT model takes care of everything. It includes creating and controlling the quality of what has been created.
• That there are very few truly independent safeguards to protect you from questionable behaviors and gross mistakes.
• Simple questions to help you recognize these conflicting situations.