Session 2

The Two-Headed Beast

Before we delve into any of the enlightening truths, there’s an important distinction that must be understood of almost all corporate IT teams. Most business people tend to see the IT department, the information technology function, the digital arm —or whatever names it is given— as one homogeneous team of busy geeks. This couldn't be further from reality.

Information technology teams are made of dozens of different roles. You do not need to understand what these roles are, except for one important distinction: at the highest level, corporate IT teams are divided in two halves; two very distinct hemispheres. They live and breathe differently. Their performance is measured distinctively. They’re respective maturity is eons apart. The distinction between the two is of the utmost importance and will help you understand the root causes of some fundamental organizational issues.

You will learn:

• That corporate IT is made of two very different halves.
• How to recognize people and processes belonging to one half or the other.
• The fundamental differences in their respective engagement models.
• That most corporate IT performance issues belong to the same half.