Topic 12

Why the IT Estimation Practice Is Stuck in Mediocrity

Having digital projects being on-time and on-budget is a huge challenge. But in the world of corporate information technology, the question of the accuracy of the estimates is avoided and not being taken seriously. This is happening despite the fact IT projects have a horrible track-record of respecting planned schedules. It is happening in contempt of the huge amounts invested in technology changes. There are simple reasons at the root of a long-lasting laxity at getting better with estimates.

You will learn:

•That most organizations, when making the right choice of adopting Agile™ methods, are often tossing away the estimation practice.
•That getting better at estimates implies data collection, effort, time and dedication.
•That putting in the additional effort for estimation requires the right incentives.
•That the typical IT engagement model provides little motivation at getting better estimates. Worse, the motives are in place to favor laxity in betterment.
•Simple questions to ask to gauge the maturity level of the IT project estimation practice.