Session 14

Wrapping Up and Making Sense

Way before the end of this program, you will get a sense that the faulty behaviors aren’t —and never were— rooted in technology. The organizing model and the way technical people engage in your enterprise are the true culprits.

Decades of immobility have shown that delegating to an IT department headed by one accountable executive will not solve the problems. If it was the answer, these issues would have been solved long ago. As with many profound issues of this world, there are no easy answers to quickly fix them. But you have now passed the awareness phase. From now on you should have the tools to understand the why behind the why.

Radical change needs to occur, and it will not happen overnight. You cannot just demand for things to get better.

Only a few organizations have pioneered some of the ways that may inspire your specific strategy. But there are answers to guide the direction of change. You do not have to invent anything that hasn’t been used in other fields in the past. In this last session, we will look at the main strategic directions that must be observed to instill profound behavioral changes.

You will learn:

• That the single-counter-IT model made sense decades ago, but has been inadequate for too long.
• That the process of delivery of digital systems must become ‘data driven’, like the rest of your business. Much more quantitative metrics must be gathered, reported and linked to personal and team performance.
• That every single issue can be dealt with from a measurement point of view.
• That measuring all that needs to improve will happen when people have an incentive to improve.
• What the IT roles are that should not be combined with other IT roles and instead be targeted for re-location.