Session 5

Your Corporate IT Teams Cannot Improve Their Speed

If there’s one thing that most business people would like to improve from the teams that deliver technology solutions to their enterprise, it’s the speed of delivery. Although time is of the essence to get a business edge or to comply with new legal rules, it seems that IT teams always take more time than what is needed, expected, or promised. After this session, you will understand why it has never improved and will never get better —unless profound changes are made.

You will learn:

• That improving speed requires two fundamental things: a measure and an incentive.
• Why corporate IT teams do not know how to measure speed and have little incentive to learn how.
• What speed really is, and how to differentiate it from cycle time or cadence.
• How to not get fooled by confusing agility with speed. Although Agile™ processes and methods are good for your enterprise, some well-intentioned people tend to confuse the speed dial with the RPM.
• The questions to ask to determine other IT people’s understanding —or lack thereof— of their speed.