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Book Review: Enterprise Design Patterns

Book Review: Enterprise Design Patterns

There are lots of books about design, design patterns, business architecture, solution architecture, enterprise architecture, etc. They often require lots of personal investment in time and concentration as they usually are thorough and lengthy.

Do not get fooled into thinking that this one, with only 121 of quite airy pages, was lightly conceived. Do not believe for a second that this opus lacks the depth that you need.

It is packed with wisdom gathered through decades of experience. I personally know the authors. I can guarantee that each sentence must have been subject to animated debate on content, form and purpose.

Those that are new to the subject will get valuable advice on ways to proceed. The seasoned practioners will get friendly reminders that succeeding at designing better enterprises calls for keeping oneself aware of a myriad of important aspects to nurture and care.

Enjoy the read: W. Göbl, M. Guenther, A. Klyver, B. Papegaaij, Enterprise Design Patterns: 35 Ways to Radically Increase Your Impact on the Enterprise, Intersection Group, 2020.

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