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Episode Nine – Lisa Woodall on Radical Change in Corporate IT

Episode Nine – Lisa Woodall on Radical Change in Corporate IT

If you had a magic wand and you could radically modify the way corporate IT engages itself in organizations, what would you change?

That’s the question we asked Lisa Woodall, a very active expert and senior business leader with a track record in shaping, leading and implementing portfolio management, enterprise architecture, business transformation  initiatives, with an impressive career track record of important and strategic roles such as Chief Enterprise Architect in large organizations in several industries.

She is currently the Global IT Transformation and Value Assurance Lead for WPP, a creativity company focussed on building better futures for clients, people, communities and the planet. She also participates in the Intersection Group, a multi-disciplinary community and platform for creating better enterprises. 

Lisa provides smart answers, based on years of field work, about the need to change how IT works in organizations.  Her insights cover topics such as:

  • IT people need to be more curious about the business of the organization  they work in;
  • Digital teams are spending too much time with the wrong people;
  • The business analyst role faces a lack of respect in digital project teams;
  • One of the things to fix: solutions looking for a problem;
  • Businesspeople are underwhelmed by the net result of digital transformations;
  • We aught to learn from venture capitalists on how to look at investment in tech.
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