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New Training Now Available

New Training Now Available

A long-awaited, original training for non-IT decision makers.

Learn seldom heard facts about the organizational dynamics that drive corporate IT.

Start putting your energy on what counts to get sustainable results from digital teams.

After taking this thought provoking course, you will:

  • Sharpen your critical thinking about how your corporate IT teams support your enterprise;
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of detrimental behaviors in the IT ranks;
  • Understand the rock-bottom causes of chronic underperformances in digital change endeavors;
  • Ask new questions that will give you valuable insights… while gently shaking your interlocutors;
  • Never see corporate IT the same way;

Are you confident that the way the IT function engages with your enterprise is the best way to organize for maximum value?

Learn why the typical model is plagued with basic conflicts of roles that are detrimental to your business.

Do you think that your corporate IT teams are good at estimating the time it will take for change endeavors?

Learn why improving the estimation practice ends-up quite low on the corporate IT priority list.

Are you convinced that the growing complexity of digital systems is a technical issue that ought to be dealt with by IT teams?

Learn that the true culprits aren’t technical: roles, incentives and measures.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the jungle of tech-titles and digital job descriptions that plaster the corporate IT org chart?

Learn what’s really important to know about all these roles.

Are you confident that your business’ digital solutions are carefully crafted world-class engineered gems?

Learn that you should never take a working solution for anything more than what it is.

Do you know what your corporate IT teams are accountable for?

Learn how short the list is —and why.

Do you have this feeling that digital change projects take forever?  Are you skeptical about improvement in the speed of change endeavors?

Learn why any claimed speed improvement is mostly nonsense.

Are you convinced that a sound asset management practice is required, given the huge amounts invested into digital technologies?

Learn why the most expensive assets that you own aren’t managed as expenses.

Do you think that your digital systems are complex creations?

Learn where complexity really lies, and where it shouldn’t.

Do you have a digital innovation team?  Do you know where is innovation is really occurring?

Learn to discern between innovation that adds value, innovation that isn’t required and slows down business change.

Are your information technology systems appropriately standardized?

Learn why your IT teams are always leaning towards over-customization.

Do you have this feeling that there are just too many digital systems around your organization and that it’s out of control?

Learn how the tendency to create more of the same is baked-in your organizational model.

Have you been told that the fast pace of new technologies is a reason for the complexity of your digital systems portfolio?

Learn to cut through overused excuses.

Have you thought about creating a spin-off company in order to free yourself from the burden of an over-complex digital environment?

Learn why complexity will quickly catch-up.

Are you perplexed about the time it takes to remove outdated information systems from your enterprise portfolio?

Learn the reasons and why it’s not improving.

Do you the feel that people in your IT department work in an opaque, knowledge-bound silo?

Learn about the Great Divide and the additional silos within the bigger one.

Are the teams that deliver digital solutions responsible for the quality of what is built?

Learn how performance measures impact the quality you get.

Have you been told that mergers and acquisitions are one reason behind an inflated digital systems portfolio?

Learn to cut through overused excuses.

Have you been told that the fast pace of business changes is the reason behind an inflated digital systems portfolio?

Learn what’s real behind the statement.

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