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Performance is Measurement

Performance is Measurement

Take a look at the table below summarizing the typical performance indicators for the corporate IT function:

Of course, there are other performance gauges used at the more technical levels, but the ones above are those that really count: the ones that show technology-related achievement that will make your IT executives shine; the ones for which counter-performance would be career-threatening for senior IT staff.

One striking point about the table is that the accountabilities are quantitatively measured; not by approximate measures, but rather by highly precise gauges. Also remarkable: all of these metrics use standardized units of measure.  They are easy to understand, both from the side that delivers (IT) and the side that pays (you). Additionally, these measures are easily auditable by an independent party.

In your organization, there are certainly other gauges in place, but how do they measure against the ones above in terms of business criticality?  Are they qualitatively evaluated? My guess is that the really important stuff is what is closely related to the table above: flawless execution in support of the operations, and managing change within planned budgets and time frames.

If a performance measure is not quantitatively gauged with standardized units of measures, chances are that it is not as important —and maybe neglected.

A very important point is that there is a direct link between performance measures and quality. The criteria that gets defined, controlled, and improved is greatly influenced by the gauges of achievement. Learn more…

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