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The Quality Gap

The Quality Gap

The quality of the information systems that the second head of IT creates to support your business is not about what they look like. Also, never lose sight that a software-based system that works is not a sign of its quality.

What Makes Digital System Quality?

What is the set of quality criteria that the digital systems produced by your organization’s IT function must have?   Summarized in one sentence, you need systems that:

  1. do the job,
  2. are robust and do not fail,
  3. do their thing within acceptable time frames,
  4. are secure and
  5. are maintained or adapted at a reasonable pace.    

How Is Your IT Team Doing?

From 1 to 4, I confidently suspect that your corporate IT teams are doing a pretty good job. I also harbor suspicion that they systematically fail on the last point.

Last But Not Least

You may be tempted to conclude that four out of five is not that bad but the last quality measurement is of paramount importance to your business survival. The last point allows the systems in place to be:

  • resilient to changes occurring in the environment;
  • easy to maintain;
  • used in new contexts without breaking;
  • enhanced with new features at a reasonable cost.

You are not expected — as a non-IT stakeholder — to know exactly what qualities are required and demand for them. It quickly gets technical. What you absolutely need to be aware of is that defining the criteria, controlling that the outputs comply, and making the necessary adjustments based on the results are heavily influenced by the performance measures laid down upon those who do have the skills to perform these tasks. Learn more.

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