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Episode Seven: Annika Klyver on Radical Change in Corporate IT

If you had a magic wand and you could radically modify the way corporate IT engages itself in organizations, what would you change?
That’s the question we asked Annika Klyver, a teacher, an innovator in business architecture, the inventor of the Milky Way Enterprise Mapping technique, and co-author of a book on enterprise design patterns.   Currently she is a Business Architect/Designer at Scania and an active member of the enterprise design community of the Intersection Group.  

Annika provides great answers, based on years of field work, about the need to change how IT works in organizations.  Her insights cover many topics such as:

  • Raising expectations towards flexibility of IT systems and designing for change rather than being forced by it.
  • Going away from the handover of deliverables and to the handover of trust.
  • Why value flow roles and product portfolio managers have a weaker position for inducing change.  
  • The need to make people aware of how you progress from an idea to actual change.
  • How  corporate IT is often viewed as shadow business.

Here’s the link to the transcript.