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Is This for You?

Is Ths For You?

Is This for You?

It’s hard to make formal presentations, so here are some of the assumptions I make about you:

  •  Your are not labeled as an IT person.  You have limited knowledge about digital technologies. In college, your major was not computer science.  In your opinion, programming a computer is an obscure science, using cryptic signs, executed by socially inapt modern sorcerers called geeks.
  • You are in a leadership position in a private or public enterprise where employees are counted by the thousands. That organization has been around for years or decades.  In other words, you do not work for an SMB or a startup.
  • Your enterprise has had an IT department for as long as you’ve been there. You have to deal often with representatives of that internal function, and you’re depicted as their internal ‘customer’.

If these characteristics do not apply to you, please feel free to continue browsing through these pages. You may find interesting ways to look at things you already know.

If you correspond to the persona described above then you’re ready for the revelations: NEXT

If you have a few minutes, I’d like very much to know more about you and your perceptions about corporate IT.  This little survey will help me, and maybe help you too by spending a few cycle answering questions that you’re rarely asked.  Please take 3 minutes (yes, only 3!) to answer a few key questions. Don’t forget to click the “Done” button at the end!

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