R.M. Bastien

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Organizational Performance Consultant, author, Speaker

R.M. Bastien

Guiding You to Radical Improvement in Speed, Quality and Business Value of Digital & IT Investments

The typical engagement model of digital teams in organizations has fundamental flaws that make it impossible for them to provide the value you should be getting.

I help you navigate through the hype or the technical weeds that hide the genuine organizational opportunities to radically improve the returns from your digital and IT endeavors, even if you do not have a technical background.

Over three decades, I’ve has held multiple roles in IT departments of midsize to large organizations: programmer, business analyst, tester, database administrator, solution architect, data architect, enterprise architect and systems integrator, as well as several IT leadership positions, leading teams of IT architects in insurance, transportation, telecoms and banking. 

Once I understood how the system works, I became an author and speaker, helping business executives rethink their organizing model to get more value, faster results and higher quality outputs from IT investments. 

I hold a bachelor’s degree in management information systems and a research-oriented master’s in business administration. I’ve been a certified project management professional (PMP)© for sixteen years.

from a more

personal angle…

People often characterize me as a person that viscerally needs to understand. They’re right, and it has been a constant quest for all my life. There isn’t a day where I do not challenge myself or others about the comprehension of something.  


 I consider myself more an ignorant than an erudite.  At times it may annoy others, but it has allowed two things to happen in the past 30 years while working in the IT function of medium to large organizations: try different roles and learn.  It’s the result of that relentless quest for an answer to all sorts of questions that has led to a more structured way of sharing those learnings – and then learn even more while giving to others.  

I have the soul of the adventurer.  Trying things that I’ve never done before excite and energize me.  I’m no reckless, and most of the things that some would call crazy, I’ve done them prudently, whether it’s building a dining table from raw wood rather than just buying it, crossing the ocean on a 43 foot sailboat rather than taking an airplane, or ice climbing on winter mornings instead of staying near the fireplace.